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„Morning sis.“ Aaron hugged his sister when he greeted her.

„Morning. Thank you so much for coming. We need you as a best man.“

Aaron raised his eyebrows. „Just to let you know... I still think that it is wrong. I'm not doing this for Nick, I'm doing it for you and because I want to help Joanna.“ Aaron made his position clear.

Angel sighed. „I know. That is the reason why I have to thank you even more for being here now.“

„It is okay. Where is Joanna?“

„She is taking a shower. I'll help her to get ready later. I want her at least to look a little bit like a bride.“

„How did you imagine the wedding to be? I mean... don't you think everyone would imagine a huge glamourous wedding of someone like Nick Carter? They are going to ask questions. No one had ever seen Nick and Joanna together and suddenly they are married. It should be clear to you that the wedding is only the beginning. There will be examinations later to get her a green card. Joanna and Nick didn't appear like the perfet couple.“ Aaron said in a serious voice.

„I know. I thought that the wedding should a small wedding because they don't want their love to be focused in the media. Nick didn't want her to be on every magazine cover and to keep her completely out of the media because he didn't want that to affect their relationship. About the examinations... they both know that they have to lose a lot when they didn't manage them, so they are going to make it.“ Angel tried to sound as confidend as possible.

„I wish I'd have your optimism.“

„You have no idea how hard it is.“ Angel mumbled.


„It doesn't matter. You better drive to Nick now, to make sure that he is on time and that he is wearing some adequate clothes.“

She thought about being the one to pick up Nick because Aaron had no idea how she get Nick to marry Joanna but she decided against it. She wanted to help Joanna to look a bride. She just had the feeling that she had to do that for her friend at least and wanted to be the one to do her styling for today.

„Okay, gonna try my best.“ Aaron answered and gave his sister a quick hug.

A short moment after Aaron had left, Joanna came out of the bathroom, looking awed and pale. Angel put her arm around her shoulders.

„Hey, everything is going to be alright, huh? First of all I'm going to make sure that my brother is going to see how beautiful his wife is.“ she gave her a small smile.

Joanna already noticed that it seemed to be very important for Angel and so she gave her a forced smile though she actually wanted to cry.

When she was younger she always imagined her wedding. She was going to marry a prince that helped her to get out of her hard life. She was a beautiful bride and their wedding was a perfect dream wedding...

She sighed... She already had to realise that her dreams never came true.

Angel placed Joanna on a chair infront of the mirror in her bedroom. She organised a dress which she had worn on one of her former shootings. It was noble looking cream-coloured dress which had a small taste of a wedding dress in Angel's eyes so that she knew that this dress was the one she wanted Joanna to wear.

Joanna was staring at Angel when she showed her the dress.

„I... I can't wear... this.“

„Sure, you can. I know that it is not the wedding that you deserved and I want you to wear at least a beautiful dress.“ Angel said, making clear that she didn't take no as an answer.

After Joanna put the dress on she sat down again and Angel did her hair and the make up. She put the hair up, leaving some single streaks out to let them curl over her cheeks. She put some decent make up on and some glitter on her eyes.

While Angel was looking very content at Joanna's reflection in the mirror, Joanna could feel the tears rising up when she was looking at her. She fought against them because she really didn't want to cry on her wedding day... only if it were because she was so happy but not because she was afraid about her future.