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Angel was angry and disappointed on her way back home. She started to understand why Aaron was so against her idea and she even wished that she had listen to him so that she didn't have to see her older brother this way.

"Aaron?" she screamed when she opened her door.

Aaron came from the living-room and he could already tell from the look at his sister's face what he had known before.

"Why is Nick acting like this?" mumbled Angel and felt relifed that Aaron took her into his arms.

"That bad?"

"Yes... I never knew that he could be such an asshole. I really believed that he would at least show some interest if I asked him for something. He didn't care about it at all. It seemed like all he could think about is just alcohold and sex." Angel said.

"I know. I could imagine what would happen. I'm sorry. Maybe you shpuld try it again when he is sober. Though I have no idea if that happens very often." Aaron considered. He seriously doubt that this would make any difference but he could see that it really upsets Angel so that he wanted to say something that cheered her up a little bit.

Angel just nodded. "How is Joanna doing?"

"She is still sleeping." Aaron answered and walked to the living-room with his sister.

When Joanna woke up the first thing that she noticed, was, that her abdomen was still hurting a little bit. She slowly opened her eyes and tried to orientate herself. Instinctively she wanted to get up and ran away from her. She had to remember Angel. Angel had threaned her well and she helped her. Took her with her and let her sleep in her bed. Joanna shiffered a little bit and carefully get up from the bed. Her legs were still shaky and she was trying to orientate herself in the appartment.

"Can I... take a shower?"

Aaron and Angel became silent as she could hear Joanna questioning. Angel stood up and get to her. "Hey, of course you can. You can come with me and I'll show you everything." she said and laid one arm around Joanna's hips to take her with her to the bathroom. She placed a towel ready for her and left Joanna alone.

Joanna slowly took her clothes out and get under the shower. For the first moment the water felt warm and pleasing against her skin. It didn't change that she felt dirty and even digusted from herself. She took a washcloth and started to rub over her body again and again, desperately trying to get herself clean.

It seemed like what happened to her had left one's marks and it was impossible to wash the away. Joanna leaned her back against the wall and let herself slid down to the ground. The water was still running but she didn' care abut that. She did not even notice any longer. The water on her skin started to mix with the tears running down her face.

"Maybe I tried it the wrong way. Though I have to admit that I could not expect a marriage with Nick to someone when he is acting like that."

"Nick doesn't want to marry. What do you mean? You tried it the wrong way?"

"Maybe I should have taken Joanna with me to introduce her to him. It worked for you. You saw her and wanted to help her. I'm going to try it again and ask him with Joanna together when he is sober." Angel dediced though she had to admit that she had lost a lot of her faith in Nick after their meeting before.

„Is Joanna still in the bathroom by the way?“ Aaron asked, having the feeling that she was in the bathroom for hours now.
Angel gave her brother a shocked look. „Oh my good, she is. I'll have a look after her.“
„Joanna? It's me, Angel. Can I come in?“ Angel was knocking at the bathroom door but didn't get any answer. „Joanna, I'm coming in now.“ she announced before she opened the door.
She felt completely shocked when she entered the room and immediately turned off the water which was still running down Joanna's frozen body. Angel took the towel to wrap it around her shoulders and sat down next to her.
„Hey, what happened? You can talk about it. I really want to help you.“ she softly told Joanna.
Joanna leaned against her shoulder and let her tears run down her face. „Are you hungry?“ Angel asked after she did nothing else but holding her close in her arms. Joanna nodded.
„Okay, so let's go to my bedroom and find some clothes for you to wear. I'll ask my brother to catch some food.“ Angel suggested and got up.
Joanna put her hand around Angel's wrist. „Thanks.“ she whispered.
„Not for that. I have more than enough clothes to wear. And Aaron won't die if he moves a little bit.“ Angel waved aside.
„No, I meant... Thank you for everything.“
„You don't have to. It's just that I really want to help you.“

„Thanks.“ Joanna repeated. Meeting Angel was the first good thing that happened to her after she left her home which seemed to ages ago.

Angel took Joanna with her to her bedroom. „Let's see if we can find something nice for you. I bet Nick is going to end up being pleased to marry you.“ Angel mumbled.

„What?“ Joanna didn't understand what Angel had said.

„Nothing. Look – these jeans and the white top – would fit perfect. Though I'm quite sure everyhing would look good on you, you have a perfect body.“ Angel smiled at Joanna. This was totally her business now. If there is one topic she was good at this would be fashion and clothes.

Joanna grasped the clothes from Angel. She was quite sure that she had never seen more beautiful clothes before. She put them on and felt a little bit better than before. Her own clothes still gave her the feeling of being a cheap whore.

„Perfect. I knew that.“ Angel said happy. She quickly went to the living-room to send Aaron to get some italian food. He grumbled a little bit that he was the one who had to go but left the apartment.

„I... I ran away from home.“ Joanna said in a low voice when Angel came back.

Angel placed herself on the bed next to Joanna. „What? Why?“ She remembered that she had the wish to escape from home sometimes when she was younger. Her family stressed her and she hated the fact that everything was focused on her two brothers.

„My dad wanted to marry me to a man who is way older than I am and who is supposed to be brutal. My dad hit me because with being a girl you have no worth for in his eyes.“ Joanna recounted.

Angel's eyes widened in shock. She didn't expect to hear something like that though she knew that something bad had happened. All of her sudden her own problems seemed to be so meaningless. At the same point she realized that her plan had to work because there was no way that she could let it happen that Joanna had to return to Mexico. Not after she found out what happened there.

„I ran away without having any idea where to go to. It was awful. I never felt more down like at that time of my life.“

„Are you afraid of your father and this guy? Did they cause your pain?“

Joanna shook her head. „No, there were some guys at the beach. They laughed and bawled and...“ She couldn't continue to speak. It just hurt too much.

Angel swallowed hard. „Fucking assholes. They should cut them off their digs. I promise you that I'm going to help you and that you don't have to go back to Mexico.“ she said and gently pulled Joanna in her arms.
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