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Author's Chapter Notes:
Now Nick is getting back into the game ;)
Joanna snuggled herself closer to Angel. She gave her the feeling that she was the only person she knew that really wanted to help her and that she could trust her.

Angel did nothing but held Joanna close. She felt so sorry for Joanna, knowing that she had a better life but could do nothing to help her get a better life too. That still would only work if Nick helped her.

She could let Joanna stay at her apartment but if she got caught by the authorities they would take her back to Mexico immediately and she did not even want to think about that for a single second. If Joanna stayed in the country she would need a job but that would only work with an authorization to stay.

Angel looked about when she heard Aaron coming back. „Thanks Aaron. Is it okay for you to go now? I want to talk to Joanna and I think it would be better to do that without you if you understand what I mean?“ She stood up to take the food from Aaron's hands.

„Sure, it is okay with me, sis. I think it is important for Joanna, having someone that she could talk to. By the way, I admire what you're doing, Angel. Especially because I did not expect something like that coming from you.“ Aaron truly admitted.

„Thanks. I just feel bad that I can't do that much. Not without Nick's help. Maybe I'll visit him tomorrow again. He should be sober in the morning, right?“

„I'm not sure. Depends how he had spent the night before.“

„What? Why have you never told me before? I mean... when did Nick start being this way?“

„I can't tell you because I have no idea. It's just that he couldn't deal with his own life. I haven't told you because there is nothing you could do about that, sis.“

Angel shook her head. „I don't believe that. Thanks again for your help today, Aaron. I'll give you a call, okay?“ She hugged Aaron and after he left the apartment she went back to her bed.

„Here's something to eat.“ She pulled the food next to Joanna on the bed.

Angel noticed that Joanna was looking at the picture of her sister. „Can I see it?“ she carefully asked.

Joanna showed her the picture. „Is this your sister? She looks a lot like you.“

„Yes, it is. Mariella. She is 19. The only reason why I wish that I could go back to Mexico. I left her alone and I would do anything to get her out of there.“

„Hey, if you married that guy it wouldn't helped her anyway. You love her, huh?“

Joanna's eyes started to fill with tears. „Yes, she is the only person in my life that I really love.“

Angel sighed when she had to think about her own sibblings. She just found out that she didn't know her older brother. She didn't get to see her two sisters that often and they relationship was not that close. The only one she felt a strong connection to was Aaron.

Angel had already put half of her clothes to her bed, searching something for Joanna to wear.

„Does it actually matter what I'm wearing?“ Joanna wanted to know while she was watching her.

Angel shook her head. „No, it DOES matter. I have to introduce you to someone.“ she simply answered. „I think I found something know. It is not too overdressed but still sexy and I'm sure that it would take his breath away. Try it on and I'll do your hair and your make up later too.“

Angel was relieved that Joanna seemed to feel better this morning than the day before. She even seemed to have fun once that she put the clothes on and Angel had begun with the hair and the make up. She glanced at her reflection in the mirror, surprised what she saw when Angel finished her styling.

„Wow... this... is not me.“ she mumbled.

Angel laughed. „Believe me, this is you. You are a beautiful young woman.“

Joanna stroked through her mellow hairs and over her cheeks. „Thank you. That is unbelivable. You are very talented with this.“ she still was overwhelmed.
"whow das... das bin... nicht wirklich... ich." murmelte sie.

Angel was very comfortable with her work. She blew her hairs dry and put some discreet make up on. She was wearing a black skirt and a red halter-neck top which indicated her perfect body underneath. „Okay, we are ready now.“

When they arrived at Nick's house, Angel asked Joanna to wait outside first because she wanted to talk to Nick alone to find out if he is sober and how is doing today.

Nick raised his eyebrpws when he opened his door to see his younger sister. „What do you want... again?“

He sounded like he was sober and Angel couldn't smell any alcohol this time but from the look of his face he didn't seem to be amused to see her.

„I want to introduce you to somebody.“

Nick grined. „You introduce me to one of your modelling friends finally?“

„Can you take this serious for once? Joanna?“

Joanna got out of the car. She felt very unconfident. She had never look the way she did today and it felt good when she was with Angel alone but being around someone else was different.

Nick watched the young woman that walked through his door. He had to admit that maybe the visit of his sister didn't turn out that bad but he had a very strange feeling that he knew this woman. He just couln't explain to himself why.