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Author's Chapter Notes:
Sorry, I deleted the story and had to post it once again. So here is the NEW chapter which is kinda a short one.
„Hey... shhhhht, please don't cry. This is just my brother, Aaron. Sure, he is an idiot but he is harmless.“ Angel tried to convince Joanna while she was crying on her shoulder.,

Angel felt relieved that Joanna let her take in her arms but she could still see that she was trying to protect her body. „Please talkt to me. Tell me what happened. Does anything hurt?“ she still tried to get some more information from her.

Joanna just nodded her head.

„Where does it hurt?“

She pointed at her stomach, at her legs and her adomen.

Angel had to shiver for a moment. She looked at Aaron and from the look of his face she knew that he was thinking the same. For the very first time in ages she had the feeling that her twin brother and her had a really close connection.

Of course that would have been an explanation why Joanna was so feared of Aaron. As well as her disrupted shirt.

„You know what? Maybe you should take a nap. You could take my bed. After it you can take a shower, I'll give you some of my clothes to wear and then we can talk. How does that sound?“

Joanna gave Angel a thankful look. Her body needed to relax. Maybe she could really talk about what happened later but for the moment she just felt to weak.

„Aaron, help me!“ Angel instructed her brother to help her getting Joanna up from the ground. This time Aaron pulled her arms very carefully, completely aware of the fear in her eyes when he approached her.

They helped her up together and brought her to the bedroom. For the momet it seemed like Joanna understood that Aaron was no danger to her. Above all she felt to weak to fight against him anyway.

Joanna let herself fall down on the bed the moment they reached it. It felt like ages ago since she slept on a real bed and on such a big and comfortable one probably never before. So she fell asleep after some short minutes.

Angel looked over at Aaron and moved him out of the room. As soon as they were outside, she questioned „Do you think what I think?“

„I think that she had to have had a really bad experience. Something pretty bad happened to her. To be honest... I understand why you want to help her.“ Aaron admitted to his sister.

He took Angel by suprise. Of course she put a lot of hope into her brother but she didn't expext him to understand her. „Really? So does that mean that you want to help her too?“

„Angel, I definetely understand where you're coming from... why do you want to help her. It is just that I have no idea how. I mean, as long as we don't know what happen. I'm quite sure that she is illegal in the country so it should be clear to you that she can not stay here forever. She'd need a green card. So how do you think I can help her? By marrying her?“ he asked her irionically.

Actually he thought it was a good thing that her sister cared about other things besides her modelling, it was just that he wanted her to think about the consequences and to warn her about acting blind.

Angel's eyes widened. „Oh my god, you are good, bro, really good!“ she said enthusiastically.

He grinned. „Thanks, I get to hear that quite often. Well not from my sister's mouth. What are you going to tell me with this? I'm not going to marry her, no way. I just turned 21 and I have a girlfriend.“ he said, not wanting his sister to set more hope into him.

„Who said that I was talking about you? There must be a reason for having two brothers. I knew that the day would come when I would know the reason, why.“

Aaron could not help but started to burst out laughing as serious as the whole situation was.

„No, you can't be serious about that? Nick? If there is one person in California that is more against marriage than I am, that would be Nick. Forget about it, as soon as possible. Nick won't get married in his whole life. I guess it is what he is afraid of the most. He won't even listen to you, when you ask him for that. He's going to kick you out of his house.“ he turned to be serious again.
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