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Hey all! Thanks for reading my profile! Hehe! Man oh man, I can't get enough Superbowl action right now! I've taken a short break on writing fanfiction to focus on what happened this past weekend! I can't believe I won tickets to the Superbowl! Such a dream come true! Man oh man, if you EVER get the chance to meet Tom Brady, I highly suggest it. He's soooo freakin hot in person. I'm on cloud nine right now. That was THE best Superbowl game I've ever seen. I would say the best game, but I think that was when David Carr QB for the Texans scored the game winning touchdown with 0:05 left in the game! Man, that was a great game!

If you haven't guessed already, I love football! I can watch it all the time! 24/7 if it was on that much! I love all competitive sports. I played soccer all through high school as well as softball. I tried the whole cheerleading thing, but those girls are so snobby, so I did the trainer thing, worked my way into the football crowd.

Now, I'm going to college in South Texas in a school that doesn't have a football team. It sucks. We do have b-ball though, so for now, until I transfer into a larger school, that'll have to do.

My favorite movies right now are Pirates of the Caribbean, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Cheaper by the Dozen, and Pirates of the Caribbean. Hehe! I'm currently obsessed with Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. Keira Knightly's not that bad in that movie either. Wouldn't mind being her... *kisses Orlando*. Hehe! I'm somewhat demented at times, but that passes. Eventually.

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Premonition by Sassy Rated: R Liked [ - ]
Summary: A premonition leads up to an untimely death. Can the reciever of the vision stop the deadly event from happening?
Categories: Fanfiction > Backstreet Boys
Characters: Nick, Group
Genres: Angst, Drama, Suspense
Warnings: Violence, Sexual Content, Domestic Violence
Series: None
Chapters: 6 Table of Contents
Completed: No
Word count: 4763
Read Count: 4834

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