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Age: 24
Sex: F
Fave Movies: A Walk To Remember, The Notebook, Dirty Dancing, Scream Series, Honey, The Hot Chick, Wrong Turn, Love Actually, X-Men 1 & 2
Fave Shows: Dark Angel, Buffy, Charmed, Dead Like Me, Lost, One Tree Hill, Roswell, Alias, Friends, Supernatural, AMC, Passions, GH, Port Charles
Fave Celebs: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Chad Michael Murray, Katie Holmes, Evanescense, Alyssa Milano, Simple Plan, Ashlee Simpson
Likes: writing & reading fics, crossover fics, slash fics, real person fics, unconventional couples, fan music videos, fanlistings
Dislikes: animal abuse, computer pop-ups

Fave Shows/Couples
Buffy-Buffy/Angel, Willow/Tara, Buffy/Glory, Buffy/Faith, Buffy/Spike, Buffy/Willow, Spike/Willow
Angel-Dru/Darla, Willow/Fred, Fred/Gunn, Doyle/Cordy
Dark Angel-Max/Zack, Max/White, Max/Alec, Max/Ben, Syl/Krit, Jondy/Zane, Alec/Asha, Alec/Jondy
Port Charles-Rafe/Alison, Caleb/Livvie, Ian/Lucy, Ricky/Casey
Friends-Joey/Chandler, Ross/Rachel
Dead Like Me-George/Mason
Dawson's Creek-Joey/Pacey
Charmed-Piper/Leo, Phoebe/Cole, Prue/Bane, Phoebe/Drake, Paige/Kyle
Alias-Syd/Vaughn, Syd/Sark
Lost-Claire/Charlie, Jack/Kate
The OC-Ryan/Marisa, Seth/Summer
One Tree Hill-Nathan/Haley, Lucas/Peyton
Roswell-Max/Liz, Michael/Maria, Isabel/Alex, Kyle/Tess, Isabel/Kyle
All My Children-Bianca/Maggie, Greenlee/Kendall, Ryan/Greenlee, Babe/Jamie, Sam/Lily, Zach/Kendall
Passions-Ethan/Theresa, Sheridan/Luis, Charity/Miguel, Noah/Fancy, Kay/Fox
General Hospital-Sonny/Carly, Sam/Jason, Courtney/Jax, Emily/Nikolas, Lucky/Elizabeth, Georgie/Dillon, Sonny/Reese, Maxie/Jesse
Crossover Couples-Paige/Alec, Faith/Alec, Max/Wolverine, Clark/Rory

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Unforgettable by americangrl69 Rated: PG [ - ]
Summary: its just my little fantasy. it contains me and the buffy cast. just try it please and be nice.
Categories: Fanfiction > Real Person: Actors/Actresses
Characters: None
Genres: Romance
Warnings: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes
Word count: 2705
Read Count: 658

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